Our Mission

My mentors Al, Ed, and Heather taught me that it’s great to be able to fashion logs into birds & bears but, more importantly, they taught me to share this talent with others. They showed me the benefit of working with a collaboration of Artists that work in a variety of media, with enhanced results for each of the members of the community.

5% of gross sales of DicksWood products will go toward a fund at the Tomahawk Main Street program that is dedicated to assisting in the communities efforts to attract and retain new Artists and unique crafters to the city.

Our intention is to develop a successful business model based in Tomahawk, Wisconsin hoping to help grow the Artist community in the area. This should lead to new business development and expansions that could fill vacant buildings and lead to new building activity and continued rehabilitation of old buildings.

Tomahawk is a truly great, original town. There are a number of Artistic endeavors already in town and we believe a continually expanding Artisan community would be a positive & wonderful way to continue to increase retail traffic, enhance the opportunities in the city as well as increase the overall tax base.

Our Campaign