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I’ve been lucky to live in some interesting places outside of Tomahawk, like Mexico, Texas, Germany, and some great cities in Wisconsin, such as Eau Claire, Wausau and Wisconsin Rapids. A few years ago, continued luck brought us back when we made our cottage on the Wisconsin River in Tomahawk our home.

I was always amazed and inspired by the incredible works of art throughout both the developed and undeveloped worlds; especially those carved out of wood, stone, ice, sand and snow. Many times when I was cutting trees & logs over the years, I felt the urge to cut and keep cool-looking natural pieces, and I always wanted to carve them into something special.

40 years ago, I met a man in his early 80’s that was a true Norwegian craftsman. Al took me under his wing for a year showing me how to make beautiful, intricate wood projects and instruments. This great relationship culminated in me making a gorgeous custom inlaid jewelry box for my girlfriend, Beth, who became my wife 4 years later. Years later, I worked with a man in his 60’s who told me that he made and sold chainsaw carvings as a hobby. He invited me to his workshop and I was an immediate fan. Ed became my chainsaw carving mentor and taught me how to make my first “wood spirit,” cardinal and eagle. Later, he showed me how to carve Tiki figurines, fish and other birds.

2019 started out with a trip to Columbiana, Alabama for a 3-day intensive chainsaw carving class, taught by Heather from Woodlot Artisans, to learn more about carving bears, birds and figurines. Heather is a beautiful soul who freely shared her love for chainsaw carving with us through her teachings, excitement and creative spirit.

Al, Ed and Heather’s magnanimous actions led to the development of the concept of DicksWood as a place for “All Things Wood & More” to include my carvings with those of other local Artists.

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