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Welcome to DicksWood! We’re All Things Wood & More! Tour our website to find that special piece, gift or collectible and consider contributing to Our Campaign by buying items that will help grow our business as well as the Artist community in Northern Wisconsin.

We are Open On Demand!  We’re usually making creations elsewhere, so we’re not always around.  If you’re planning a visit to the area, please check us out on Facebook to see if an Artist is working at the studio that day.  Better yet, message us ahead of time and we’ll arrange to have someone there for you to see our Artists creations.

We’re renovating our location, an historic building north of the Krueger Family Funeral Home and Fire Department. The building was the Carriage House for the Nick & Sons Casket Factory from the 1889 until 1976; suffering a near catastrophic fire in 1958. The renovation of the building will set the stage to serve as a studio for local Artists to create and display their works downtown. Some of our works will be available online in our Gallery starting May 31st!

See Our Mission to read more about our plan and how you can join the cause.

Your purchases help us to renovate of the Nick & Sons Casket Factory Carriage House. See Our Campaign to help out today, as well as receive some fun and unique things to wear, use and experience!

Our Campaign